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InterWeave Smart Solutions keeps adding Extroadinary Features

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2013 09:13AM EDT

InterWeave Smart Solutions, the world’s leading provider of Smart Solutions that integrate the leading CRM provider, Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, etc with Financial Applications like QuickBooks, eCommerce systems like Magento, Credit Card Processing Systems like and much more. The difference is Smart Solutions have already created the integration – it’s presented to you in configurable form with picklist, drop downs, custom fields, etc. –  just like Salesforce.

InterWeave Smart Solutions are currently helping thousands of Sales, Financial and Operations professionals manage their business better. No more manual processes. No more standalone systems to run your business. You now have instant access to your customer’s information in consolidated form – in either application(s). More time to work on your business instead of in it.

New Features? Every four to five weeks, InterWeave Smart Solutions releases a new set of functionality based on guidance from our customers. In the Integration Economy, consistently providing new features to surpass customer’s expectations is the norm.

1. Multi-invoice creation from one opportunity

In today’s rapid business pace, companies require creation of multiple invoices from one opportunity in real time, to support continuity in customer records. InterWeave Smart Solutions creates the initial Invoice upon creation of the opportunity in Salesforce. For example, a $395 Membership Fee Invoice is created upon establishing the opportunity in Salesforce. Next, the Account Representative has discussions with the customer regarding program selection and detail, and can now create a second Invoice with newly created line item detail. Both Invoices are linked to the Customer in QuickBooks and the Account in Salesforce.

2. Product line items or custom line items

InterWeave Smart Solutions customers can now select, through configuration, either standard Product Line Items or custom Line Items when they are building out their Opportunity detail in their Salesforce Opportunity. Configurable selections have been added in the Opportunity to Invoice, Opportunity to Sales Order and Opportunity to Sales Receipt pages to provide customers with very flexible options.

3. Custom object integration

The ability to select a custom object, as opposed to a standard object, is now available as a configuration option in all four InterWeave Smart Solutions for Salesforce to QuickBooks. You can substitute custom objects vs. standard objects to build your detail in your Accounts, Opportunities and Products. You will have to connect the fields you’re looking to integrate, but access to custom objects is now configurable.

4. CC/ACH payments/refunds going to QuickBooks automatically

Our Credit Card/ACH Payment Gateway Solution is tightly integrated with our Salesforce_QuickBooks Smart Solution. We’ve added the capability of Payments/Refunds, processed in Salesforce at the Opportunity or Account level, to create Received Payments or Refund transactions in QuickBooks – in real time. Combined with our 30/60/90 and Current Balance Outstanding feature – you have a 360 view of you customer in Salesforce. Additionally, these custom objects and fields are available for reporting in Salesforce.

5. Dynamic assignment of QB Accounts from COA to QB Items when created from SF

Now Products/Items can be assigned to Accounts from COA two ways:

  1. Static assignment – when corresponding Accounts are set explicitly in Company configuration.
  2. Dynamic assignment when each Product/Item can have a specific value of each Account from the corresponding field in CRM system.

If more then one Account is needed to create an Item – combined schema can e used as well (some Accounts assigned statically, some – dynamically).

6. Real time Integration Metrics (coming soon)

Real time Integration Metrics will be available in your Salesforce as a Dashboard. Integration Connection Status, Total Dollar transactions by type – Salesforce to QuickBooks, Total Dollar transactions by type – QuickBooks to Salesforce, etc. Looking of others?  Just let us know.

Want to learn more?  Watch an On-Demand demonstration here for our Salesforce_QuickBooks Smart Solution, or the real-time Credit Card and ACH Solution.

Take a look at our latest offering – iOffice  for CRM - iOffice for Salesforce Data Sheet - complete Quote, Order, Payment and Inventory Monitoring and Management in your CRM.

Want to discuss your specific business workflow and requirements?  Email me or call at (203) 274-5226.

Thank you for your interest in InterWeave Smart Solutions, I look forward to talking with you soon!

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