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Welcome to InterWeave Smart Solutions - Getting Started with QuickBooks

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2013 04:22PM EDT
Welcome to InterWeave Smart Solutions - Getting Started with QuickBooks

InterWeave Smart Solutions are designed to run and operate in a very efficient and streamlined manner. In order to begin the testing of your configured solution and maintain your desired project schedule, the installation and set–up of the required integration fields in InterWeave and QuickBooks will need to be performed. Please follow the categorized detailed steps below required to support your Smart Solution.  

Smart Solution Set Up and Testing 
Open your internet browser to the main customer portal login located at Next, select “Login” on the main title bar. For the InterWeave_QuickBooks Smart Solution detail, click on for additional information detail for the categories below.

Steps 1 – Create custom fields in InterWeave and QuickBooks 
  • Customize/update InterWeave with custom fields as identified in the Help & Training
  • Customize/update QuickBooks with custom fields as identified in the Help & Training
  • InterWeave personnel do this

Steps 2 – Create Test Copy of QB Company File and add AccountID field 
  • Go to a Customer, Edit Customer, select second tab (Additional Info), and add “AccountID” in Custom Fields
  • Customer does this ( this is optional, you can test with your production file)

Steps 3 – Registration & Solution Configuration on the InterWeave Solutions Portal
  • Select New Company? Please Register Here
  • Enter your unique registration information (and remember it, save it – it is case sensitive
  • Select your Solution and walk through the Configuration with your InterWeave Technical Specialist
  • InterWeave personnel do this

Steps 4 – Connectivity Set Up
  • If you are connecting to QuickBooks Online - see the first section in the Help & Training
  • If your connecting to your QuickBooks Company file on a server, see instructions in the Help & Training
  • Install connector, configure firewall
  • Ensure QB connectivity with help of your InterWeave Technical Specialist
  • Make sure you have received the so-called "QODBC URI" string from Support by this point (it looks like this -"jdbc:odbc:CompanyName")
  • Login to edit your company profile (EditCompanyProfile), verify that all your settings are properly filled in and on the last page of settings, put in the QODBC URI (in the correspondingly-named row)
  • Customer Personal to do this

Steps 5– Activation of Flows and Testing
  •  Log into the InterWeave Solutions Portal
  • If you selected Professional, Premier of Small Business, please go to the next page for Button activated flows. If you selected Enterprise, log in and commence testing individual Flows (the Utility Flows)
  • Customer Personal to do this

Steps 6 – Binding and Production
  • If your bi-directional, you will want to bind the objects in InterWeave with the objects in QuickBooks.
  • When your testing is complete, we will run the binding flows for Customer to QB that evening
  • Next morning, Log into the InterWeave Solutions Portal, set your Flow timings – and your running
  • InterWeave personnel do this

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