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QuickBooks Connectivity Set Up for Salesforce Integration

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2013 04:22PM EDT

Connecting with Quickbooks Online

If you are using Quickbooks Online, do not proceed to The Connector section. Go to select Ticket GUID.Do not create the Login GUID, we are looking for the Ticket GUID Key only.

 This will take you directly into QB Online where you will create your connection and upon completion, receive your key. You need to select "No Security" for the QODBC connection to work properly.  Create the Ticket GUID, we are not looking for the Login GUID Key.

Please email the key to us. 


Connecting with your Quickbooks Company file on a server

Note:  The full version of Quickbooks needs to be installed on the server we're going to be accessing.  

The IBIZ Connector

The connector is a very small piece of software that allows InterWeave servers to connect to your QuickBooks installation. It runs automatically when you login and stays in the background. Note that integration can only work when the Windows user you install this under is logged in.

Installation is to be done on the same machine that has the complete QuickBooks installation (client, server, DB manager, etc.). 

Download ZIPped package from

  • Open the provided ZIP file package (shown as "compressed folder" in some versions of Windows).
  • Right-click on the "IW_QBConnector" folder and click "Copy"
  • Navigate to the "C:\Program Files" directory in Windows Explorer, right-click and click "Paste" (placing the above folder under "Program Files")
  • Navigate into the newly-created "IW_QBConnector" folder and double-click on "RunMe.reg" (may appear as simply "RunMe"); click "Yes" when prompted
  • Double-click on "connector.exe"; a white window may flash briefly, and a square tray icon with "IBiz QuickBooks" tooltip will appear

Note: If you have selected ITX Corp to install “Connection as a Service”, please disregard above.

Port 2080 and your Firewall

Most companies' servers are behind a so-called "firewall" or similar devices that block external access to improve security. For InterWeave to work, your firewall needs to allow inbound connections to your QuickBooks company file on port 2080. Please make sure that this is the case (you may need to contact your hosting provider or IT support for that).

Once the access is allowed, please send the following pieces of information to support:

  • your static IP address (you may need assistance of your IT contact for that)
  • location of your company file(s) (including filename) on the computer (e.g. "C:\QBFiles\Company.qbw")
  • location of your test company file copy (similar to above)

Ensuring Connectivity for InterWeave Servers in Salesforce

In Salesforce, Rackspace Servers running InterWeave need to be authorized. Go to Setup, Security Controls, Network Access, New - enter the below addresses (each one is a from/to address).

Note: If you are using the CC Payment Gateway and integrating with First Data,, etc - you need to enter that server IP address into Salesforce.

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