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Restarting your Flows after a lengthy time period of not running

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2013 03:29PM EDT

If your Flows were stopped for a couple of weeks, there are procedures we follow that will restart the system gracefully. A lot can happen during these outages; this is why we have DRS (Date Range Flows) which customers use to catch up – very similar to Bulk Loading. An example below.

  1. Normally, you can run Customers and Products catch up (DRS) flows and then start Sales Orders from today – running Sales Orders catch up (DRS) after hours.
  2. Or, you can try to run scheduled flows right away - QB to SF Item flow first, then SF to QB Product flow then SF to QB SO flow and QB to SF flow at the end (probably overnight).
  3. But, most importantly  – we need to assist you with restarting the system. When is a good time tomorrow to set up a GTM with you?
  4. Regarding the Connect/Disconnect in Connector log
    1. This is internal Intuit/QODBC log and has nothing to do with us. It is not Connected/Disconnected between us to QB - it is between Driver and SDK session.

Regarding data issues – you have many errors like this:

2012-09-27 06:29:07.312 IW 2.41 TS SFAcctOpp2QBCustSO                SQL Statement exception: insert into customer (Name, IsActive,CompanyName, FirstName, LastName, BillAddressAddr1, BillAddressAddr2, BillAddressAddr3, BillAddressAddr4, BillAddressCity,BillAddressState, BillAddressPostalCode, BillAddressCountry, ShipAddressAddr1, ShipAddressAddr2, ShipAddressAddr3, ShipAddressAddr4, ShipAddressCity,ShipAddressState, ShipAddressPostalCode, ShipAddressCountry, Phone, AltPhone, Fax, Email ,SalesRepRefFullName, CustomerTypeRefFullName) values('Tread Corporation', 1, 'Tread Corporation','','','Tread Corporation','PO Box 13207','','','Roanoke','VA','24032','','TREAD Corporation','176 EastPark Drive','Roanoke, VA 24019','','UPS Collect','','231980','','982-6881','','344-7536','' ,'ML' ,'End User') [QODBC] Error: 3140 - There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Customer Type "End User" in the Customers.  QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument.  The specified record does not exist in the list. 

What this is telling you is the list of Customer Types must be in sync in Salesforce and QuickBooks. Sales Orders can’t be created if Customer is not there

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